About Us

The Assimilation Lab is a gaming community site where you can hang out to discuss games, get information on games, follow various modding projects, get your own project hosted, participate in our role playing forum or just chat about stuff. We've got mods, tutorials and guides for various games, including The Elder Scrolls and the Total War series. We've also got game and film reviews, fan fiction and stories and a forum for serious discussion about stuff like religion and politics.

The Assimilation Lab is hosted by Linode with a Xen Virtual Private Server that we manage ourselves. This gives us the power and freedom to install the software we need to do the things we want to do. We aren't limited by sharing server resources with other sites nor are we dependent on our host to install software upgrades - we do all that ourselves.

TAL is a gaming community run by modders to support modders. Drop by our Community Forums and say hello!


  • AndalayBay

    System Administrator/Owner

    Founder and System Administrator, she looks after the server and the forums. She's an avid modder of The Elder Scrolls and loves to play role-playing and adventure games. With over 25 years of experience in information technology and professional programming, she's an old hand at maintaining a web site and server. Actually, she's just plain old.

  • Visceral Moonlight


    With a singularly unique talent for coming up with imaginative and unique member titles, Visceral Moonlight, formerly known as deaths_soul, is a master at administering IP.Board forums. He knows every nook and cranny of the administrative control panel and keeps The Assimilation Lab running smoothly. When he's not changing titles, he's posting curious and odd facts or taking us on a trip through his vivid imagination.

  • Leonardo

    Magistrate, General

    Leonardo has two passions: Morrowind and the Total War series of games. He's applying those passions to help us develop our Morrowind and Total War sections of the forums and to lend his expertise if you're looking for help.