We offer hosting services to modding projects while they are in development, subject to our Hosting Policy, below. If you'd like forums, a private download area to exchange files among team members, a gallery and even a Git repository, just drop one of our staff a line and we'll get you set up.


All members may upload their completed mods to our public download area. If you don't see an appropriate category for your mod, please let us know. Guests may download files, but you must be member to upload files or comment on other file entries.


We offer a suite of tutorials on various aspects of modding, so if you're looking to get started, we'll be able to help with that too. We also provide links to other sites that have tutorials.

Git Repository

We offer Git repositories for hosted projects. You can set up and access your repository with our GitLab web interface, which is the same software GitHub uses. We offer private and public repositories. Please send a PM to AndalayBay to request a repository or for more information.


We have the MediaWiki software on our server, which is the same software used by Wikipedia. If you would like a Wiki for your project, please send a PM to AndalayBay and we'll see about getting you set up.

Current Wikis

  • Morrowind Modding Wiki - Your one-stop-shop for information on Morrowind modding, whether you're playing mods or creating them.
  • The Quest Lists - Formerly known as The Oblivion Quest List (TOQL), The Quest Lists have been expanded to include recommended mods for Skyrim, Oblivion and Morrowind.
  • TESCOSI - Tomlong's ultimate guide to modded Oblivion has a new home! TESCOSI has information for all levels of mod users, including the most detailed mod installation guide around.


If you'd just like to hang out and chat, we have a Chat Room that can accommodate up to 5 people at once. One-on-one private chat is also available to all members.

Hosting Policy

Our hosting services provide you with the resources you need to interact with your team, store your files, exchange files with your team and show off your progress to the community. Even if you're working on your own, we give you a platform to interact with others in the community who can help you develop and test your mod.

In order to qualify for hosting, there are a few conditions that you need to meet. We need more than a great idea for a mod. You need the skills in order to create a mod, whether that be a team of individuals or you're working by yourself. Be prepared to answer some questions about your skills and your knowledge of the various modding tools. Having made some progress with your mod before you ask for hosting really helps. Each request for hosting is evaluated on its own merit.

We also have some rules regarding the content of the mods that we will host.

  • Bethesda mods must adhere to Bethesda's EULA.
  • Gratuitous or excessive levels of violence are not permitted.
  • Excessive swearing or vulgar language is not permitted.
  • Pornography or sexual exploitation is not permitted. Nudity is permitted.
  • Enabling the player to kill children is not permitted.
  • Hosted projects must adhere to our forum rules. This includes the conduct of team members and the content of the mod.
  • Mention that you are hosted by The Assimilation Lab and provide a link to your forums on TAL in your promotional and release threads on other forums. We ask that you help our community grow in return for the hosting services we provide and that in turn will help your project.

Our Commitment

We will endeavour to provide a stable service that you can rely on. The entire server is backed up daily by our hosting provider and the backups have been tested. We do not own your mod or any of its resources. If you are not happy with the service we provide, you may cancel our hosting agreement and we will return all your materials to you. We will archive your forums and hide them from view. They will be deleted two weeks after cancellation.

Inactive or Abandoned Projects

If a project has seen no activity for two months, it will be deemed inactive and we will contact the project leader(s) to determine the status of the project. If we do not get a reply within ten days, or are informed that the project has been abandoned, then we will hide the forums and files for two weeks, after which they will be deleted from the server. We will keep a project active as long as needed if the author advises us of other commitments. Real life does intervene and often prevents us from pursuing our projects. As long as the author is committed to completing the project, the files and forums will be waiting for his or her return.

Requesting Hosting

Got a project that you'd like us to host? Send an email to or a PM to AndalayBay and we'll see about getting you set up.


If you have any questions regarding our policy please send an email to or a PM to AndalayBay.