Our Terms of Use

Important: The following summary is only a simplified overview of our Terms of Use, provided for your reading convenience, and is not itself binding either on you or us. If you are in any doubt about any of the points mentioned, please consult our full Terms of Use, which is the actual document that governs our relationship with our Users.

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What You Can Expect From Us

  • Content posted on our site will be moderated, in accordance with our Forum Rules, in the interests of promoting the wellbeing and harmony of the community.
  • We shall not intervene in the internal affairs or creative decisions of our hosted projects, unless such activities directly contravene our Forum Rules or Terms of Use.
  • Neither will we ask any of our hosted projects to relinquish any copyright or other intellectual property rights to the mods which they create whilst hosted on our site.
  • We will endeavour, to the best of our ability, to screen and monitor the Content which is posted on our site in order to ensure quality and maintain a harmonious and pleasant community atmosphere.
  • Inevitably, however, some things will slip through, and we expect our members to take a proactive role in bringing these to our attention. Please understand that whilst we will try to rectify any such problems, we do not have a legal obligation to do so.
  • Any information that we obtain about you during your registration or your activities on the site, will be dealt with only in ways permitted by our Privacy Policy.
  • We may sometimes need to contact you, using the information that you provide us by registering on the site.
  • We may, occasionally, need to update our full Terms of Use, and by agreeing to it at the time you register, we also expect you to abide by these later changes.
  • Our site is hosted in the US, but it is controlled from Canada, and is governed by Canadian law.
  • We cannot accept responsibility for the content of third party sites to which our members link or suggest visits.

What We Will Expect From You

  • All of our Members should be at least sixteen years of age in jurisdictions that use the PEGI ratings system, or at least seventeen years of age in jurisdictions that use the ESRB system. Our site is made for, and intended to be used by, mature audiences only.
  • Members are expected to abide by our Forum Rules, and by the actions of our Moderators and Administrators enforcing them.
  • Our Members are allowed to use the site for their own personal, non-commercial purposes only.
  • We hold Members who contribute to our site responsible for their own conduct and for the Content that they contribute. As a result, we cannot make any guarantees about the quality or accuracy of user-generated content. Use your own judgment!
  • We will not permit our site to host or link to any content that is threatening, abusive, fraudulent, defamatory or otherwise illegal; or which is obscene, hateful, or otherwise detrimental to the wellbeing of our community.
  • Members are strictly forbidden from hosting or linking to content which contains malicious software or code.
  • We take a firm stance against Intellectual Property violations (including, but not limited to, software piracy and unauthorised porting), and will remove any such content which is linked or uploaded to our site.
  • We also expect members to adhere to modding etiquette: always correctly attribute other people’s work when you use it, ask permission where it is required, and never pass other people’s work off as your own.
  • Members who upload or link to any of the prohibited categories of content mentioned above will face sanctions from Moderators, up to and including the suspension or banning of accounts.